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Alumni Notables


The Gumm Sisters
(With Judy Garland)
Class of 1933

The family moved to Los Angeles before Francis, (Judy Garland), could attended High School at AV.

Dean Fredericks
aka Fred Foote
Class of 1942

“Steve Canyon” 1950s TV Series


Priscilla Barnes
Class of 1972

“Three’s Company”
James Bond
“License To Kill”

Marcy Walker
Class of 1979

“All My Children”

Tina Landon
Class of 1981

Award Winning Choreographer to Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Jenifer Lopez and others.








Kathy O'Rear
Class of 1972

Film and TV Costume Designer including the Robert Redford Film
"A River Runs Through It."


Everett Lee Williams
Class of 1970

Bartender 28 Years
"Club 33"