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Jim Slaton '68 - Baseball
Milwaukee Brewers

Frank Zappa '58

Priscilla Barnes '72
"Threes Company"

George Runner '70 - California State Senator

Terrence McKenna
'65 - Author

Glen A. Settle '29
Tropico Gold Mine -
AV, Kern County and State Historian

Doug Oliver '60
American West

Craig Jelinek '70
President - Costco

Dr. Homer Rowell '36 Chief of Staff Antelope Valley Hospital 1960-1961

Dwayne Murphy '73 - Baseball
Oakland Athletics
Don "Van" Vliet - Captain Beefheart '60

Marcy Walker '79 - Actress
"All My Children"
Sharon Oden Runner '72 - 36th Assembly District representative 2002

Kay Pedersen Ryan '63
Poet Laureate 2008 2011 Pulitzer Prize In Poetry

Trish Luckeroth Lockhart '83
Principal AVHS
2006 - 2011
Paul Dinwiddie '73
Resident Artist, Liberty University
Percy J. Knox, Jr. '87
Chief Relationship Officer
Elevee Custom Clothing and LifeStyle
Dr. James Doty '73 - Neurosurgeon, Prof. Stanford University

Steve Chilcott '66 - Baseball
NY Mets

Jeff Cotton '66
Beefheart "Magic Band" Guitarist

Kathe Duba-Barnett '73 - "Actress -
Independent Filmaker"

Stefan Wolowicz '63
Rancho Palos Verde
City Council
Terry Row '70
Author Novelist
Three Novels
2006 - 2011
Mark Bryant '78
Principal AVHS
1998 - 2003

Michael French '67
Local Artist, Landscapes, American Indian subjects

Nancy Wilson '55 Transpacific Marine - Luxury Yacht Builder Ron Short '72
Captain, Research Vessel, Moss Landing Marine Research
Kevin Appier '84 - Baseball
Kansas City Royals
John "Drumbo" French '66 Beefheart "Magic Band" Drummer Brad Staggs '82
TV Host/Producer
DIY Network

Lt. David Rehmann '60 USN Aviator
POW 1966 - 1973

Milton Stark '39
Author, Antelope Valley History, Floral books & DVDs
Marco & Sandra Johnson '83 - Founders of University of Antelope Valley John Patrick Burke '67 Artist & Designer for WED Enterprizes & Walt Disney Imagineering. Helped design and install 5 major Disney Parks throughout the world. Larry Dickenson '60 Boeing Co. Exec. - International Sales  

Mike Gaecchter '58
Dallas Cowboys

Terry Row '70
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
1976 - 1981
Warren Tabata '66 commercial and film actor Ivan Ayers Westerfield '38 S1c USN USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
d. December 7, 1941

Grace Pickus '30
Author, History of Antelope Valley books

David Vierra PHD '75 Superintendent AVUHS District    
Sean Douglas '97 Baseball
Tampa Bay Bucs
Lisa Johnson Livingston '80 Opera Singer, Germany & Italy William Word '66 Filmaker, Production executive "Virgin Earth, Inc." Ken Mann '70 Lancaster City Councilman   Michael Vierra PHD '84 Educational Services
AVUHS District

Bruce Hill '82
AZ State/Tampa Bay Bucs

Jim Sherwood '61
Woodwind player "Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention"


Fred Hann '56 Lancaster City Mayor

  Howard Sundberg PHD '69 Lancaster School district Superintendent      

Percy J. Knox Jr. '87 - CA State Champion Long Jump 87, Runner up '86

93/94 OlympicFestival Long Jump Gold Medalist

5th Best Long Jumper in the World '95

Olympic Trials Finalist '96 ranked in the US Top 10 - '94,'95, '97


Frank Roberts '50 Lancaster City Mayor

Russell H. Godde '36, WWII, 2nd Lt. D. 1943 "Ploisti Oil Raid- Romania"
Arthur Swartzfiguer '42
d. December 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor
Spencer Johnson '06 - Football
Philadelphia Eagles
D'Andre Goodwin '06 - Football
Denver Broncos

Deitre Collins '80
Womens OIympic Volley Ball: 1988 Seoul, 1992 Barcelona

Al Krueger '37
"Antelope Al" Football
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