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Charles Keortge
Foriegn Language, Spanish, Journalism, Sandpaper Advisor 1969 - 2001 (1957 AVHS Graduate)/ B.A. Azusa Pacific College, M.A. Cal State University, Sacramento  

Patty Tipton Mr Keortge ... And Mrs Garcia... Inspired me to be a journalist ... Loved every minute of it...
Marion Storey I loved Mr Keortge..Spanish...such a nice teacher!
Stephanie Kneip Fukuoka Mr. Keortge was the best teacher (Spanish) I ever had the pleasure of knowing!! (besides my husband!! he's a high school teacher also!) I was going through a really hard time personally in high school and Mr. Keortge was the only teacher who told me they cared! He helped me through the darkest point in my life!! I'll never forget him and will always be grateful! Thanks Mr. K!!
Daniel Richards Sr Mr. Keortge, Spanish --Un maestro fantastico! Daniel Richards 1984-1987
Luis Livingstone Mr Keortge. In my senior year he was just the best help to survive in a new country (Im Luis Nunez, foreign exchange student from Spain. Class of 83)

Mr. A. Guzman
English /  
Tori Oneal-Mcelrath Mr. Guzman (English) is my all-time favorite teacher at AVHS. He recognized my talent as a writer (even when I didn't). He pushed and challenged me, and because of him my "beast" was awakened -- my love of writing. LOVE HIM for calling me out and making me step up to my full potential! Class of '83.
Mary Saar I vote for Mr. Guzman, 1962! Happy, nice, and respectful to all.
Steve Anderson I usually stayed away from english classes, but I loved Mr Guzmans english class. Class of 75
Mr. William Ballard Music Department Chairman 1940s to 1970s  
George E Emery I never studied in my dad's (George Emery) field, but I'm told he was a very good teacher. My own favorite was William H. Ballard, the band director for over two decades. He was a stern taskmaster at times, but his love for his chosen field shined, and his love was reflected in consistently brilliant bands, over the course of his career. AV released me to the world at large in June of 1965.  
Mr. George Emery Industrial Arts / B.S. Prairie View A&M; M.A. Prairie View A&M

In the 1960s, Mr. Emery was one of the first African American teachers to work fulltime at AV Highschool.

George E Emery I never studied in my dad's (George Emery) field, but I'm told he was a very good teacher.

Mr. Ron Hansen Social Science // B.A. UCLA; M.A. Cal State Northridge  
Terri Frey-Simi OK...let's go back..way back..1972..seems to me I can remember avery handsome Government teacher..Mr. Hanson!  
Ms. Leslie Lawmaster History /  
Makala Elise Coleman Ms. Leslie Lawmaster, 2001-2002. She is the reason I actually enjoyed history in high school and continued to enjoy it after I graduated. If I had the patience to teach, I would go on to teach high school history as well. - Makala (Foster) Coleman, Class of 2004  
Mr. Wayne Dawson Science Department Chairman (1982), Boys Head Track Coach / B.A. University of Wyoming; M.A. Northern Arizona University  
Mr. Louis Henderson Athletic Coordinator Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach Golf Coach / B.A. Cal State University, Chico; M.A. Azusa Pacific College  
Mr. Gary Holt English /  

Picture Not Available

Cassondra Schmidt Mr. Gary Holt, 2000-2002. He was the best English teacher's I've had. He inspired me and I have even emailed him while in college for some of the things he taught me, and I'd lost the notes, because they were the best way I could think of to the assignment. He's the reason I'm going to teach high school English myself....He really was amazing. I hope to be as good as him. Doubt I'll achieve it but I'll try. - Cassondra (Leaders) Schmidt, (should have been ) Class 2004.....
Makala Elise Coleman I still do my notes the way Mr. Holt taught us to. Even for work. He, also, was one of the teachers whose words stayed with me after I graduated.
Mr. Richard A. Spadoni Social Studies / B.A., M.A. Arizona State University  
Michelle Marie Chant Spadoni... Will never forget him. :) '89