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Contrary to some beliefs, anyone can plan a class reunion. Usually Senior Class officers may be called on to organize a reunion, especically the 10 year, but generally anyone who has the networking abilities and resources to bring people together for an event can take the initiative.

Don't assume someone has taken the lead and is planning your class reunion. A number of classes have lost out on a reunion because no one assumed the initiative to get the ball rolling. If you don't see an ad in the AV Press (you can check online) for your class reunion by November, you may want to start investigating and form a committee of your own.


Someone living in Lancaster is a definite plus since arrangements need to be made directly at times. Recently some AVHS reunions have been set up as far as the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles. The ability for someone to meet with reunion coordinators is the main thing.

If your dealing with a decade reunion (10,20,30,40) a reunion company may help with what could be an over whelming task. (click here for more info) For the smaller reunions (5,15,25,35 and anything over 40) you may be on your own.

Today, the Internet is of great help with locating people. Setting up a website with all the information for your reunion, including the ability to pay online, is the first key step. Using online resources such as Classmates.com and Facebook to locate classmates can be helpful. However, Classmates.com has member communication restrictions and not everyone is on Facebook.

If your doing the event on your own, reunion locations may need a deposit to hold the venue anywhere from 6 to 9 months before. (Contact location for specific terms) Holding a reunion at a hotel gives your alumni accommodation choices they can utilize if they don't want to drive on reunion night.

Sales from tickets will eventually be the primary source of money which will cover the eventual costs of the reunion so creating incentives for alumni to pay their reservations early will be of great help for the bottom line.

Other things to think of to make your reunion a success are reunion themes, door prizes, dinner menu, use or availability of a bar, DJ or Music and the photographer and memory book. You might also consider pre or post reunion picnics and pre-reunion ice-breaker gatherings.


AV Press: Reunion Page

AV Press Reunions:  Sheri Arnold at (661) 267-4206 or Crystal Williams at (661) 267-4164; e-mail: newsassistant@avpress.com.















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